Company Vision & Mission

Company Vision :
  • Total Satisfaction
Company Mission :
  • To become worldclass company
  • To sustain and increase profitability
Internal & External Challenge

Business Environment

  • Global Competition

Internal Challenge

  • Education & Training
  • Motivation
Company General Objective & Strategy
The Objective
  • To be the market leader in all major brands
  • Triple the profitability in 10 years
  • To be the company with high social responsibility
The Strategy
  • Adopt TPM way of working
  • Define achievement criteria in 3 years
TPM Road Map - Strategi Jangka Panjang
Menentukan Target Utama PQCDSM Management & Factory Level 1
Target Utama PQCDSM Factory Level 1 (Contoh)
Sasaran Umum Tahun Pertama :
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